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Updates on the Filipino and Filipino American books 
published by Philippine American Literary House (PALH), 

1/15/23 - Book Events coming up - Sat. Jan. 28, 2023, 6 p.m. Book Launch of GUF Fully Booked BGC
and Cebu Book Talks - Mon, Feb. 6 - CTU, 2 p.m; Tues, Feb. 7 - University of San Carlos South Campus (RSVP Cebu talks 


1/7/23 - Happy New Year! Here is the schedule of Book Launches/events for Growing Up Filipino 3: New Stories for Young Adults - Check back and confirm before attending

11/30/22 - PALH's digital ebooks can be generally be found in Kindle, Barnes&Noble, Rakuten Kobo, Apple Books, Scribd, Tolino, OverDrive, Bibliotheca, Baker&Taylor, Vivlio, and Borrow Box.  

Positively Filipino featured "Remembering Leonard Ralph Casper" ---

You can now get advance copies of GROWING UP FILIPINO 3: NEW STORIES FOR YOUNG ADULTS from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The Philippine edition of Growing Up Filipino 3, published by the University of Santo Tomas Publishing House should be released by December 2022 and can be bought from Lazada and Shopee in the Philippines.

Further, PALH has published ASIAN AND PHILIPPINE FOLKTALES: RETELLINGS BY PAWWA and copies are available at Amazon as well. 

You can now get advance copies of Linda Ty-Casper's WILL YOU HAPPEN, PAST THE SILENCE, THROUGH THE DARK?: Remembering Leonard Ralph Casper from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


PALH will also release the third volume of GROWING UP FILIPINO 3: NEW STORIES FOR YOUNG ADULTS in Feb. 2023



Cecilia Brainard here, writer editor and publisher of PALH or Philippine American Literary House.

We've taken the time during this pandemic to publish the hardcover edition of Growing Up Filipino: Stories for Young Adults. Through the years, the book has been pirated and sold illegally in hardcover form. We finally took the time to publish a hardcover for this book. Look for it and please recommend it to your librarian. 

PALH has also published softcover US paperback Editions of two fine anthologies that were originally published in the Philippines: Fiction by Filipinos in America and Contemporary Fiction by Filipinos in America. These are available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online bookshops. Ingram and other distributors carry these titles.  These books are excellent collections of short stories by Filipino and Filipino American authors and deserve to be in American libraries. 

Here are additional information of interest about our other books:

PALH’s titles include:

Linda Ty-Casper’s A River, One-Woman Deep, Stories, of which World Literature Today’s Nota Bene section reviewed: “In this collection of stories, Filipina American Linda Ty-Casper runs her finger along the scars left behind in the wake of historical events in the Philippines parsing out what it means to live through and after the trauma of dictatorships and war.

Ty-Casper’s A River, One-Woman Deep: Stories is also published by the University of Santo Tomas Publishing House in the Philippines.


 PALH’s author of Benedicta Takes Wing and Other Stories, Veronica Montes, recently won the Black Lawrence Price for their Black River Chapbook Competition. Her debut collection of 14 stories, Benedicta Takes Wing and other Stories, has been praised as stories that explore the intricate workings of Filipino families as they struggle to define their place in the world.


PALH's popular Growing Up Filipino: Stories for Young Adults now has a hardcover edition and there is a new cover for both hardcover and softcover editions. 

Two of PALH’s early publications, Growing Up Filipino: Stories for Young Adults and the followup book Growing Up Filipino II were included in National Geographic’s Summer Reading List for 2020. The books remain popular and continue to be used by educators.

 Further PALH published a Special International Edition, titled Please, San Antonio! and Melisande in Paris, 2 novellas set in Italy and in France. Authored by Eve La Salle Caram and Cecilia Brainard, the stories are about women who find healing in relationships. The book also has delightedly illustrations by Nina Lim-Yuson.



Thanks for your time, and I’m hoping you will support the work of Philippine American Literary House so it can continue fine Filipino and Filipino American books.  Look for or in Facebook, search Philippine American Literary House. 


Salamat 2/21/21

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