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Welcome to Philippine American Literary House (PALH)

Philippine American Literary House (PALH or PALHBOOKS) is a publisher of Philippine and Philippine American literature, books and Kindle e-books. PALHThey are available online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other booksellers. Ingram and other US distributors carry most of our titles.  For more information, email or PALHBOOKS is also known as PALH. MENU News Update on PALHBOOKS Main Page About PALH PALH Kindle E-Books Author Bios Acapulco at Sunset and Other Stories by Cecilia Brainard Benedicta Takes Wing and Other Stories by Veronica Montes Contemporary Fiction by Filipinos in American Ed by Cecilia Brainard Fiction by Filipinos in America Ed by Cecilia Brainard Growing Up Filipino: Stories for Young Adults Ed by Cecilia Brainard Growing Up Filipino II: More Stories for Young Adults Ed by Cecilia Brainard Journey of 100 Years: Reflections on the Centennial of Philippine Independence, Ed Cecilia Brainard Magdalena by Cecilia Brainard Magical Ye